31 03 2011

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Just watch how Jeff moves in this. This is what inspires me. I found myself somewhere similar, and the videos i will insert here helped me remember my goals. I think once you start to feel this comfortable in your guard, you tend to not have to think twice about advancing in any direction knowing that no matter what, you will never be in danger. Because, if you miss something, you will always have guard. Even if you lose it for a sec, It comes right back… Show me one second in this video where Jeff was in trouble. Try to have fun, be relaxed, flow, and try to let go of the fear of losing. Once you convince yourself you can’t lose, you wont.

This is what I aspire to. This level of technical faith that these guys have. All of Jeff’s rolls in this adcc trials go where he wants them.

break this down from the beginning to the end. it’s all one transition.  I know it’s a lot different in the gi, with the added grips… but I don’t think it really has to be. He comes in there with that silly little mustache and just has fun. Sure, it helps that he is a very formidable black belt, but who are we kidding here. What are we? I know I can only dream of being able to do this against a black belt, why expect to? But to see exactly how I want to be able to think and move some day in action, I get truly inspired.

Marcelo Garcia showing why he is perceived as being on “another level” even by his fellow competitors. His instincts, quickness, and complete connection with Jiu Jitsu is nothing short of amazing. Even as relatively outdated this video is, it still holds true.




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31 03 2011

Damn it , I’m guessing you put the video in here but I can’t see it on my phone. Any ideas? Or links ?

31 03 2011

Not sure why you cant see it. You would love it tho, both finishes are beautiful guillotines.

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