jiu jitsu mindset

21 04 2011

“You can never stop thinking deeply about jiu jitsu, and you can never stop practicing the basics of you movements because thats what’s going to allow you continue to improve and never stagnate. There is never a reason for you to stop improving. So, as long as you take responsibility for your own training, and you are constantly thinking about it and constantly paying attention to the details, you’re always going to be able to continue moving forward and continue your progression. -Ryan Hall (attacking the back dvd series)

this is a pretty important statement in my opinion. i have a lot of friends and training partners who could really use this type of mindset in jiu jitsu. a bunch of people i have met through my training dont quite understand the importance of taking responsibility for their training. they believe that going to a class or two a week is somehow going to magically make them a lot better than it will. when they leave the gym, they disconnect from jiu jitsu altogether, and dont really think about it until its time to train again. its like they are plugging into the matrix, and when they leave, they unplug and go on about their lives. i can understand this type of thinking to a point, if you are just into jiu jitsu for exercise, and not really into it to become good at it. i cant understand, though, how anyone can expect to be technical and progress through the ranks and become proficient at jiu jitsu. its not possible. jiu jitsu is a lifestyle, your training must follow you through your daily life and be a part of your psyche. you absolutely have to break down techniques in your head, add supplemental training (whether it be visual or physical), and learn to understand the basic fundamentals of techniques, not just the sequence of motions.

your instructor can not do this for you.

this is a task that you must learn to do for yourself. do mental reps and visualize yourself going through the motions keeping close sight of all of the details. you learn the moves in class, you drill the moves in class to get a physical connect to the actions, but it is your job to think about what you have learned outside of class when you have introspective time to concentrate.

there really is no limit to how good you can get at jiu jitsu. the game is constantly progressing, and we are all just beginners. unless you are not training at all, the only thing holding you back from your goals is probably yourself.




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21 04 2011
Joshua "Mammoth" Wehrmann

Very well said Bill. Books, video’s and mental reps have saved me on more than one occasion. Whether it be family, work, getting over injuries/surgeries, the mental side of the game keeps me connected when I can’t get to the mat. When you can get to the mat and you keep the mental game up, the results are devastating.

21 04 2011
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