A clarification, please read.

i want you, the reader, to understand why i have this blog. i started this blog to give myself a place to write down my thoughts regarding BJJ. im not trying to give pushy advice. im not trying to tell you how to live your life. im not trying to give you any answers.

this blog is for me, and me only. i dont care about publicity. i dont care about getting hits. it does nothing for me. if you are a friend, or teammate of mine, and you find some of my information insightful and it helps you in any way, then im very happy about that. but understand that for me, that is a byproduct of this blog, not the goal. if you dont know me, dont understand the context of most of what i say, and dont like it, then leave. if you like something here, then by all means please leave a comment, or even subscribe if you wish.

i dont claim to have all of the answers about BJJ, nutrition, conditioning, and life. but, i do believe i have a firm understanding on how to utilize these topics in my own life. i do believe i have a good grasp of BJJ, as it relates to me. i do believe i know how my body reacts to food, and how to keep my weight exactly where i want it to be. i do believe i know enough general information about conditioning to keep my own personal fitness in check. and, as a happily married father of two, at the age of 34, i do believe i have the knowledge and resources to take care of my family.

im happy that you made it here, and i hope that you can gain in some way from reading my thoughts. but if you dont, or think that the things i say here are ineffective, inappropriate, or incorrect, then maybe they just werent meant for you.

thank you.


One response

4 05 2011
Joshua "Mammoth" Wehrmann

Amen brother!

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